Innovator 11

Resources for Developers

API Documentationhtml (javadoc)
Eclipse Plug-InEclipse update site URL:
Code SamplesPublic SVN Server with Eclipse Projects. URL: Login with user 'kunde' and password 'kunde'.
.NET API DocumentationN/A, please refer to the Java API documentation

Resources for Admins

  • Aris Mapping

  • Mapping from ARIS to Innovator
  • UML Code-Generation

  • standard code generation using templates from a UML model
  • oAW Adapter

  • the Innovator oAW bridge providing useful components to oAW framework. Implemented as an eclipse plug-in providing the Innovator metamodel to oAW
  • WSDL Import&Export

  • Innovator Application to import and export WSDL files into Innovator model.
  • XMI Generation

  • Innovator Application to export an Innovator model to an eclipse or OMG XMI file.
  • oAW XMI Generation

  • Export an Innovator model within Eclipse to an eclipse or OMG XMI file.
  • XSD Import&Export

  • Innovator Application to import and export XSD files into Innovator model.
  • InoCreateArtifact

  • For a selected use case, class or simply a versionable element an artifact is created together with a corresponding document. Both are connected with a dependency of kind manifestation and the document is opened.
  • InoDDLImport

  • Innovator Application to import DDL file into Innovator model.
  • InoDepEdit

  • Innovator Application to show and edit dependencies between model elements within Innovator
  • JDBC library

  • Establishes a JDBC connection to a database and collects information about tables or views.
  • Java Reverse Engineering

  • Javadoc functionality is used to gather information of Java source code files. A corresponding Innovator model is built upon the java classes, interfaces and enumerations with their attributes, methods and more.
  • Model to Model - Software Development Kit

  • Software Development Kit to create model transformations
  • Mapping ER-DB

  • Innovator Application to map between ER and DB model and reverse.
  • Utility Library

  • Some useful utilities for programming with Innovator API calls.