Innovator 2009

Resources for Developers

API Documentationhtml (javadoc)
Eclipse Plug-InEclipse update site URL:
Code SamplesPublic SVN Server with Eclipse Projects. URL: Login with user 'kunde' and password 'kunde'.
Innovator 2008 .NET APIInnovator.NET
.NET API DocumentationN/A, please refer to the Java API documentation
Microsoft Developer Studio
Code SamplesA complete Visual Studio 2005 .NET sample application demonstrating the usage of the Innovator 2008 CSharp API. Download Sample and take a look into the contained Readme file.

Resources for Admins

  • Aris Mapping

  • Mapping from ARIS to Innovator
  • UML Code-Generation

  • standard code generation using templates from a UML model
  • oAW Adapter

  • the Innovator oAW bridge providing useful components to oAW framework. Implemented as an eclipse plug-in providing the Innovator metamodel to oAW
  • WSDL Import&Export

  • Innovator Application to import and export WSDL files into Innovator model.
  • XMI Generation

  • Innovator Application to export an Innovator model to an eclipse or OMG XMI file.
  • oAW XMI Generation

  • Export an Innovator model within Eclipse to an eclipse or OMG XMI file.
  • XSD Import&Export

  • Innovator Application to import and export XSD files into Innovator model.
  • InoCreateArtifact

  • For a selected use case, class or simply a versionable element an artifact is created together with a corresponding document. Both are connected with a dependency of kind manifestation and the document is opened.
  • InoDDLImport

  • Innovator Application to import DDL file into Innovator model.
  • InoDepEdit

  • Innovator Application to show and edit dependencies between model elements within Innovator
  • JDBC library

  • Establishes a JDBC connection to a database and collects information about tables or views.
  • Java Reverse Engineering

  • Javadoc functionality is used to gather information of Java source code files. A corresponding Innovator model is built upon the java classes, interfaces and enumerations with their attributes, methods and more.
  • Mapping ER-DB

  • Innovator Application to map between ER and DB model and reverse.
  • Utility Library

  • Some useful utilities for programming with Innovator API calls.